In production – Release date: Within 2021. Soon on Kickstarter. Support us!

The story

Once upon a time there was a big farm out in the countryside. The farm was
huge and it was the home of many animals that lived together happily. They
were such good friends; most of the time they sang songs and danced with each other.
But their most favourite thing to do in the whole wide world after a rainy day, was to count the marks that their friends’ paws left on the mud.
One, two, three…

The Game

Let’s Count – Farm Animals is an educational board game brought to you by
Between Realms Games. It’s a tool for educators and parents to make
teaching and practice of counting fun and interactive for younger children.
It offers all four types of learning: Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic and
Reading. Let’s Count – Farm Animals is an essential asset of every classroom
and household.

1 Storyteller – Educator, Parent, An older person
1 to 10 players – Ages: 3+