Between Realms Games is a board game publicing company. We are board game enthusiasts, positive competitors and true-hearted geeks.
Our goal: A woke & eco-friendly board game industry.

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Between Realms Design is a branding company. We are graphic design pioneers, visual artists and minimalist freaks.
We believe less is more…and we live by it!

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The Team

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Rafael Tsantes
Managing Director

My name is Rafael Tsantes. I was born & raised in Athens, Greece but I currently live in Glasgow, Scotland. I am a visual artist, interested in the concept of "space". I am interested in the negative space and the space in-between. My prime goal is to create visually & aesthetically pleasing projects. Check out our portfolio.
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Theodora Michelopoulou
Artistic Director

My name is Theodora Michelopoulou. Born and raised in Athens, Greece. I love the sea, nature and all the adventures that I may come across during my explorations. Currently, I am an Art teacher, and a postgraduate student in the field of education and also the Art director of Between Realms.
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