I really cannot describe the feeling I am feeling seeing my board game come to life. It is so different to design the cards and the rest of the components, and see them become reality having 3 dimensions and all. I recently got a hold of the rest of the components of the board game that were missing – the tokens and the rule book. I am very satisfied with the end result and most importantly it is all made from eco-friendly carton boxes which elevates the whole thing by a lot. Here are some photos of them:

I am so proud of what I have accomplished so far, especially when I am thinking back on the day of deciding to pursue that dream, of how little I knew about board game industry and board game design. Through this process I have aquired many valuable skills such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Premiere Pro, After Effects but also cafting skills for the creation of the mock-up boxes and cards. In addition, I learned to research about eco-friendly materials and search the market to find suitable collaborators for the creation of the board game. I have come so far and yet there is so much left to go but I am looking forward to it as it has been such an exciting experience. I would like to further develop my skills, aquire new ones, such as marketing and digital campaign skills and become the best possible version of myself. I trully care about this board game and I cannot wait for the day I will be able to share it with the rest of the world, having in mind first and foremost, all the children that will experience it.

Box, cards and token done – first prototype: completed!

Next step is to reflect on the design of the game so far, see it alltogether and think of improvements on the colors, the fonts, the shapes etc. without losing the sight of our audience. In the meantime, I will start playtesting the board game with children within my network and work on the rules and mechanisms as well as the design.

Here is a video that I have created for the presentation of this prototype with the technique of stop-motion, a technique that I found quite fitting as it holds a notion of cartoons and has a more childlike playful note to it:

What do you think of the final result so far? Any feedback on the presentation video? Does the stop motion work? You could share your video presentations of your board games in the comments below. I would love to see them!

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