My struggle with the box is real. Well, not that much of a struggle, but more of a creatively exploring journey. I made the adjustments that I noted down from the first run of the box, which were quite handy as the second box was actually a success. I did have a couple of last minute adjustments in the new box that came out in the second version but there were not that many and they could definitely be done in the second version of the box without the need of creating a third version. Here are the adjustments for you, so in case you follow my design, to be prepared, followed by some photos of the second box: The smaller sides A3 & A4 are supposed to be 164mm x 82mm because of the thickness of the paper and the same goes for the bigger sides B3 & B4, as they are supposed to be 200mm x 82mm.

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I am pretty happy with the result and after I did it, I started thinking how am I supposed to put the print of my artwork on the box. Do I need to cover the whole box with a paper that has the artwork printed on it? Would it be steardy enough? Do I need to paint the artwork on? How could I approach the next step? After doing some research and thinking through my next steps, I decided that the best option would be to approach a company for them to make my box. It is a thought that I have been going back and forth for quite a while now and I have also tried in the past to approach a company in order for them to make this box a reality. But this time, I knew that, I did the best I could do about the box, I gave it a try to create it by myself and honestly I did not do bad. I enjoyed the whole process and the result as you can see is legit. Unfortunately my perfectionism, demands a perfect box and leaving it to the pros was what I wanted and after seeing the results, I am so glad that I did it.

I started looking into companies with eco-friendly prints and materials and whilst I was researching, I came across a material called E-Flute which is made of eco-friendly recyclable paper and I exchanged some email with a company that they used this material for their boxes. At the beginning, I was determined to have the box that I created at home, professionally done by them but they explained that they only print folding boxes. Since I started designing the board game, I always try and repeat to myself to be open in changes and to listen to the environment and that is what I did in this case. Instead of pushing my own design, I went with the flow and redesigned the box and believe me it was worth it!

The journey of redesigning the box, once again, breathed a new breath in the project. It was as I first started creating the board game. I felt refreshed and energized. The company told me that I would need to povide them with the artwork files ready to be printed and cut which meant that I would have to put my “Graphic Designer” hat on, find a folding box template and adjust the artwork on that template. For starters, I did my research on what type of folding box I would like it to be: Snap Lock Bottom, Staight Tuck End, Auto-Lock Bottom, Emailer etc. It has been a very informative journey looking into all these different types of boxes and after an exhaustive research, I decided the board game box to be an Emailer box. It felt very playful and had an aesthetic that I really resonated with. Next step was to find a custom template of the box, to save me the trouble of creating one myself. After all, the internet was invented for a reason! I did find a website called BOXIE where I was able to put in the desired dimensions and it generated the template taking into account the material thickness, which was amazing. After having my hands on the template I had to adjust the artwork to it. My skills on Illustrator were proven quite useful and the whole process was very fun for me. I had to figure out what side is what and whether it’s up or down side (you will understand what I am talking about in a bit). In order to do that, I made a very small scaled replica of the box which I folded and noted down each side. That was a crucial step of the process as it made things so much easier to adjust. Here are a couple of photos of my small-scaled replica of the box:

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Two days ago, I received the actual finished box, so have a look at the final result:

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It has been a long journey with the creation of the box, designing and re-designing again anad again, creating homemade versions and adjusting them to only see that it needs to be done by a professional and re-designing and adjusting till the very end. I am very pleased and happy with the result and everytime I see the box, as I have it displayed in my house, it puts a smile on my face as my board game is coming alive, I see it happening in front of my eyes and it is such a wonderful thing.

Next stop, rulebook and tokens. I need to print out the rulebook for the board game along with the tokens and prototype will be almost complete. Looking forward to seeing the final product when everything will be put together!

What do you think of the box and the artwork? Please do share your own boxes in the comments below.

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